Salem began playing music at age 14 on an old-school Casio keyboard. Always having a knack for playing by ear, he practiced by plunking out the theme songs from different video games or whatever happened to be on TV at the time.      The original tunes, while a bit crude and unrefined, began flowing almost at will.

    About a year after serving in the Army, Salem purchased Madeline, his first guitar, from a customer that came into the Radio Shack where he worked. After money exchanged hands, the customer quickly demonstrated some basic chords, and “Opportunity”, the first of many songs written with a guitar was finished that night.

Soon after, Salem, slew of songs in hand, could be seen on a regular basis amongst the Barbie dolls at the Stork Club, in the 2:00AM slot at the Starry Plough, or on a bench down at Lake Merritt. Using a friends borrowed computer he put together “Bottom of The Well” his only release to date.

It was during this time that he formed With Sexy Results, a powerful blend of acoustic rhythms and rock backbone. The band, in its various combinations of band members, played on and off for about five years.

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