Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Jon “Fizz” Musselman started playing piano at age 2, just not well. After getting formal lessons and about 5 minutes of practice on  piano between the ages of 9 and 10.

    Jon waited until a sophmore in high school before convincing his parents to let him buy a guitar, and his first electric guitar, a “Norma”, a his junior year. His first two bands couldn’t have been more different- a funk-rock band called Quasar with other high school malcontents, and his first stint on bass- in his church band. After moving to the bay area, Jon met Salem outside of Peet’s and complimented him on his STP rendition, and soon joined the laberinthine and kebab-filled world of WSR.

    Jon enjoys listening to many different styles of music and attempts at misinterpretation thereof. From Bach to Bootsy, Gershwin to Gillian Welch, Jon loves ’em all. His solo work melds a blues infused heart with a contrupuntal mind, all expressed through a sloppy joe right hand and a backup folk singer’s larynx. On bass, Jon likes to drop between the heavy groove and melodic walkdowns, which will lead everyone down straight to the crossroads.

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