Legis was raised in Illinois near Chicago and began his musical career as a trumpet player in the middle school band. At age 13 he became inspired by the drumming styles of John Bonham and picked up his first pair of sticks.

    Since then he has been consistently performing in bands ranging from big-band to hard rock. Duane took advanced drumming lessons and advanced vocals at a local community college in Illinois.

Though primarily a drummer, Legis also plays guitar, bass, keyboard, sings and works with electronica mixing in his home studio. He has extensive experience with ProTools, Ableton Live and several other music recording programs. Due to his knowledge of various recording software and computer background, he was asked to volunteer his expertise as a  beta tester for Daevlmakr plugins.

Legis has released 2 albums and has also been a guest on several others. He is currently living in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and kids and playing drums for With Sexy Results.

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